To lead the change in order to help Vetaş adopt a transparent, performance oriented and entrepreneurial perspective,

To employ at Vetaş the most competent and qualified workforce in the pharmaceutical sector,

To offer the most modern Human Resources practices to our employees and to help them embrace our corporate values in order to achieve our targets,

To invest in and promote the continuous development of talented, qualified and high performance human resources.


Our aim is to help Vetaş become one of the first three most preferred firms in the pharmaceutical sector in the short term by means of Human Resources practices, competent personnel profile, value placed on employees and working principles.

With the added value achieved from our short-term goal, it is our strategic target to make Vetaşone of the first most preferred 10 firms among all sectors in the long run.


A successful Vetaş employee is;

-result oriented,
-assumes responsibility.


Our Employment Practices

Aware of the fact that employees should be the ones to make a difference in corporations, selection and placement process is based on the strategies formed. During recruitments, different procedures are applied to find the most suitable candidate for a given position in the most efficient way.

Within this framework the methods used include personality and general skill tests, foreign language tests, competency based interviews and Assessment Center practices.

Internship at Deva

During summer, university students who are required to complete compulsory internship and during winter Vocational High-School students are offered training opportunities in an environment allowing them to implement their theoretical knowledge in practice and helping them prepare for jobs in business. 

Intern candidates are selected among incoming applications and invited to take part in a structured group interview and eligible ones are offered the opportunity to undergo training at the Vetaş Head Office and manufacturing facilities by taking into consideration the departments they wish to work in.

Career Management

Internal resources are given priority in promotions and internal candidates are offered the means to get promoted to suitable positions through Assessment Center practices consisting of Role Play, Case Study and Structured Interview Techniques.


Our company views training as an investment. It is the first and foremost duty of the Training and Development Department to ensure that this investment plays a primary role in attaining corporate targets. Face-to-face Interviews with executives, own training needs of an employee, tests and inventories applied as fit for the position are taken into account while determining training needs.

Vocational and personal development trainings are offered intensively to promote staff development. The purpose of these trainings is to respond to specific business needs and create measurable and observable results (that boost existing performance).


All applications coming to Vetaş are diligently examined by the Vetaş Human Resources team and those applications suitable for a given position are included within the recruitment process.

To shape your career at Vetaş, one of the strongest players in the pharmaceutical sector, please click .

If you were not able to find a suitable announcement, please submit an application for our “General Applications” announcement.


Various sports activities, sports tournaments, company anniversary dinners and numerous events for our employees and their children that attract broad participation are organized to promote internal communication and motivation among personnel. Furthermore, our Head Office Building hosts a sports hall that is equipped with state-of-the art technology and that is available to all staff.


Working Hours

Working hours are 5 days a week from 8:00 to 17:00 for the Head Office. Different working hours may apply to our manufacturing facilities due to prevailing conditions.

Personnel Bus Service

Bus services are offered to personnel employed at our Head Office and Manufacturing Facilities.

Health Benefits

Voluntary private health insurance covering all white collar employees and annual health insurance covering all employees are available.


Personnel employed at the Head Office and Manufacturing Facilities are offered lunch service at dining halls in the said locations whereas field workers are provided with meal cards.


How can I apply to Vetaş?

Job applications to Vetaş and its subsidiaries are received over You may also look for open positions on web page and submit an application for positions which you think are suitable for your qualifications.

What are the current vacancies?

Click for available job vacancies

How does the process continue after submitting an application?

Following the collection of job applications eligible candidates are invited to attend an interview by the Human Resources Department. At this stage, various exams and personality tests are given depending on the position. Candidates passing the first interview are directed to department managers as the second stage.

Will I be able to get a positive or negative response to my job application?

Responses, positive or negative, to all job applications are made by phone or by mail over

What fringe benefits will I have if I am employed?

Fringe benefits vary according to each position. You shall be informed about your fringe benefits when a job offer is made.

Are there any internship opportunities available at Vetaş?

Vetaş offers internship opportunities for university students who are required to complete compulsory internship during summer and for Vocational High school students during winter in line with its internal needs.

How long do internships last?

High school students are offered internship opportunities from October to June whereas university students from June to October. Winter internships destined for high school students continue during the academic term within a year whereas summer internships offered to university students may last one or several months depending on the intensity of projects, needs of departments and requests of students.

What kinds of training opportunities are available at Vetaş?