DEVA Holding Çerkezköy-I Production Plants located around 110 km away from Istanbul, in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone on an area of 52,000 sqm with an indoor space of 32,000 sqm, consist of modern buildings where production of Liquid/Semisolid, Solid, Betalactam 1, Betalactam 2 and Hormone products is performed.

Çerkezköy-I Production Plant Liquid / Semisolid Production Department

Total Production: 14.5 million boxes
Capacity increase: 49%

Non-sterile liquid and semisolid products are produced at Çerkezköy-I production plant.

All syrups-drops and sprays are produced at liquid department, creams and gels are produced at pomade department, suppositories – ovules are produced at suppository – ovule department, and aerosol inhalers are produced at inhaler department using the latest technology.

In this department where 9.7 million boxes in total were produced in 2011, production of 14.5 million boxes was performed in 2012 including 8.2 million boxes of syrup suspension-drop and 6.3 million boxes of cream-gel, suppository and inhaler.

A substantial capacity increase will take place in the “inhaler aerosol line” with the new products launched in the last quarter of 2012 and to be offered to the market in 2013 for the aerosol inhaler department.

In 2012, an increase of 49% was attained in production of Liquid/Semisolid products.

Çerkezköy-I Production Plant Solid Department

Total Production: 34.5 million boxes
Capacity increase: 5%

Çerkezköy-I Production Solid Department designed for production of solid forms (tablet / film tablet, capsule, powder suspension, etc.) has the capacity of packaging 35 million boxes of finished products per year on a single shift.

In this department where 32.7 million boxes were produced in 2011, a total of 34.5 million boxes of finished product were packaged in 2012 including 27.8 million boxes of tablet/film tablet, 4.9 million boxes of capsule and 1.8 million boxes of suspension.
An increase of 5% was attained in total Solid production in 2012.

Çerkezköy-I Production Plant Betalactam Department

Having been designed for drug production in non-sterile solid (tablet/film tablet, powder suspension etc.) and sterile powder injectable pharmaceutical forms, Çerkezköy Beta-Laktam Production Plant is composed of 2 separate departments, namely, Cephalosporin and Penicillin departments.

Çerkezköy-I Production Plant Cephalosporin Production Department (Betalactam 1)

Total Production: 22.2 million boxes
Capacity increase: 18%

At Cephalosporin Production Department which started production operations in October 2008, 22.2 million boxes of pharmaceutical products including 15.6 million boxes of sterile powder injectable flacon, 3 million boxes of oral suspension, 3.6 million boxes of coated film tablet were manufactured in 2012.

An increase of 18% was attained in total Cephalosporin production in 2012.


DEVA Holding Çerkezköy-II Production Plants located around 110 km away from Istanbul, in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone on an area of 67,551 sqm with an indoor space of 18,742 sqm, consist of modern buildings where production of Solid, Oncology and API products is performed.

Solid Oncology Department

Total Production: 130 thousand boxes

In the Solid Oncology production department, construction of which completed and which passed inspection by the Ministry of Health in 2011, production was commenced in the same year with single product. With the products license of which were newly issued in 2012 and with addition of Topkapı transfers, number of molecules increased to 4 and number of products increased to 5.

Products Produced in 2011 Products Produced in 2012
Hydrea 500 mg Capsule Hydrea 500 mg Capsule
  Letrasan 2.5 mg Film Tablet
  İmatis 100 mg Film Tablet
  İmatis 400 mg Film Tablet
  Megace 160 mg Tablet

In parallel to increase of number of products, while number of boxes produced was 22,421 in 2011, this figure reached 129,676 boxes in 2012.

Solid Oncology department passed inspection by Astra Zeneca and German Ministry of Health in 2012 without any major and critical findings.

API Production Departments

Total Production: 7.3 thousand kg
Capacity increase: 20%

2 new departments were added in 2012 to the API departments situated within Çerkezköy II Production Plant. The Steril Potassium Clavulanate unit operating in Kartepe was transferred to Betalactam API building at this plant, passed inspection by the Ministry of Health and commenced production.

Moreover, a production site was installed on the 2nd floor of Solid Oncology building for production of the oncologic API named Imatinib Mesylate. This site also passed the inspection by Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health inspector conducted general inspection of Çerkezköy II Plant together with inspection of the site. No major or critical findings were detected during this inspection. 2 inspections by Turkish Ministry of Health, 1 inspection by German Ministry of Health and 7 inspections by customers were successfully passed throughout the plant in 2012.

Thanks to the newly established API production sites and APIs that were commenced to be produced in 2012, API production that was 6.054 kg in 2011 raised to 7.272 kg with an increase by 20% in 2012. Currently, 14 different APIs are produced in Çerkezköy API production sites.

In November 2012, establishment of a site to produce Steri Vetaş products was commenced on 2nd floor of Betalactam API building. The site was completed, and is pending inspection for start up.

Capacity utilization rate for 2012 in our Çerkezköy Main Production and API Production Plants is 61% in average.